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The best for our dachshund puppies: Special puppy equipment

Das Beste für unsere Dackelwelpen: Besondere Welpenausstattung

The joy of welcoming a little dachshund puppy into the family is indescribable. These little furry friends bring joy, love and liveliness into our lives. That's why we naturally want to make sure that the little darlings lack nothing. Before a puppy moves in with you, we recommend that you already have the most important equipment at home so that the little dachshund feels at home from day one and can grow up healthy and happy.

We present you five products that you need for your puppy equipment and that will not only make your dachshund puppy's heart beat faster, but also your own.

1. Dog bed or dog basket – peace and comfort

With a comfortable dog bed or basket you can create a wonderful oasis of calm for your dachshund puppy. With a cozy place to sleep, your little darling will immediately feel at home and in good hands. It is important to pay attention to the perfect size and to choose soft, washable materials.

You can find stylish and comfortable dog baskets and beds in various sizes at Leopold's finest for dogs. The right sleeping environment is crucial for your puppy's well-being, promotes restful sleep and therefore belongs in every puppy's equipment.

Dog bed for puppies

2. Handmade collar and leash made of fat leather – elegance and quality for your dachshund puppy

Your dachshund puppy deserves the best when it comes to collars and leashes. Handcrafted products made from supple, oiled leather are not only durable, but also extremely elegant. This combines functionality, style and quality. A high-quality dog ​​collar should be soft and comfortable for the little four-legged friend to wear. When it comes to a leash, you should make sure that it is light and at the same time fits well in the hand.

Our high-quality oiled leather is therefore ideal for both collars and leashes. It is resistant to daily wear and tear and, rounded off by its tasteful design, is an absolute must-have for both dog and owner.

Our fat leather collars and leashes from Leopold's can also be colour-coordinated with your little darling: in lilac, petrol, orange, olive, dark brown or taupe, your dachshund will be stylish on every walk.

Fat leather collar

3. Grooming products and brush – healthy coat, happy dachshund puppies

Welcome your dachshund puppy into his new life with lots of care and love. A shiny coat radiates health and gives your puppy a friendly and well-groomed appearance.

Therefore, invest in a high-quality care set that is specifically tailored to the needs of puppies. A skin-friendly, sensitive shampoo for sensitive skin is ideal for particularly soft puppy fur.

Choose a brush with soft, natural bristles to achieve a gentle cleaning and also pamper your puppy with a massage effect. This will not only keep your little four-legged friend's coat healthy and shiny, but will also strengthen the bond between the two of you. As you gently brush your puppy's coat, he will feel your affection and attention.

Dog care for puppies

4. Toys – Learning and fun for your Dachshund puppy

Your dachshund puppy will delight you every day with his curiosity. He is very eager to learn, especially when he is a puppy. Toys are therefore not just for fun, but also for the mental development of your little darling. Choose toys that are safe and durable.

Our high-quality, hand-made dog toys from our Leopold's online shop enrich your dog's everyday life in many different ways with chewing, throwing or retrieving. With Elton the elephant, Hugo the lobster, Kristof the crab, Thaddäus the octopus, Henry the rabbit, Franzi the flamingo or Emma the duck, your dachshund puppy has a TÜV-tested toy with a tooth-cleaning effect at home.

Dog toys handmade

5. Dog bag for transport – security on the go

A dog carrier is an indispensable accessory for every dachshund puppy. It offers safety and security during trips and excursions. It is also very suitable for giving your little darling comfort and a feeling of home when on the go, for example in the office or when visiting friends and family.

When it comes to a dog transport bag, high-quality materials and a high level of quality are particularly important to ensure durability. This means your four-legged friend can use the bag even after puppyhood. With our dog transport bag or our new CosyBag, your little dachshund puppy is well equipped: 100% handmade in Germany, exclusive materials and functional details that make the difference. This means you can travel with your little darling without worry.

Dog transport bag

The love and care you invest in choosing the right puppy equipment will be reflected in the happy and healthy development of your dachshund puppy. High quality materials and workmanship should be the top priority in order to best meet your puppy's needs. Your little four-legged friend will thank you for this loving attention with lifelong loyalty and affection.

At Leopold's you can be sure that we share your love of dachshunds and small dogs. Your dachshund puppy will be well cared for with our hand-picked products and will also grow up in style and luxury. We look forward to being by your side every step of the way. Welcome to the wonderful world of dachshund puppies - together we will make it even more beautiful!

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