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Dog raincoat: Why it is an indispensable accessory


The well-being of our four-legged friends is particularly important to us and so they should of course be protected in all weather conditions. For this reason, a dog raincoat belongs in the repertoire of every dog ​​owner. In addition to functionality, it is also about comfort and style. That is why we at Leopold's have made it our mission to offer dog raincoats that protect against moisture and are also a stylish accessory for your darling.

Weather protection in focus: The dog raincoat becomes an indispensable companion

Some dogs really look forward to their walk regardless of the weather, but rainy weather poses a risk of catching a cold that should not be underestimated.

Dachshunds and other short-legged breeds are particularly at risk because with every step water splashes against their largely hairless bellies. This means that the four-legged friend is exposed to rainwater from all sides, is quickly soaked to the skin and begins to freeze. Dogs with short fur without an undercoat and animals with little body fat are extremely sensitive to rain and cold. Heat loss is much greater in the cold season and when it is windy.

A dog raincoat offers your four-legged friend extensive weather protection, as this piece of clothing not only protects against the cool water, but also against the wind and cold.

Health benefits for your Dachshund

Another argument for a dog raincoat, especially for dachshunds, is that members of this breed of dog often suffer from back problems. These are made worse by cold and wet weather, which is why weather protection in this part of the body is all the more important. This can reduce pain, especially in the cold season. The coat also protects the fur from getting dirty with moisture, mud and other dirt.

What makes a high-quality dog ​​raincoat?

When you buy dog ​​clothing from Leopold's-Finest, you benefit from a well-thought-out cut for maximum comfort and excellent material quality. The entire collection is made by hand with great attention to detail, and we place great value on sustainability. With us, you will find a first-class dog raincoat for your darling:

Fit: To ensure that your four-legged friend feels comfortable in the rain, the garment should fit comfortably without being too tight or rubbing. Our designers design raincoats for smaller dog breeds and primarily for dachshunds, so all the peculiarities of the body structure of these animals are meticulously taken into account when designing the coat. To ensure optimal protection from the weather, the dog raincoat should fit close to the body without restricting freedom of movement. The garment should also not be too loose, so that it does not slip when walking. Whether it is a male or female dog, a comfortable raincoat does not prevent the animals from doing their business and stays clean.

Easy to use: The pleasant feeling of wearing the coat begins when you put the garment on. A comfortable dog raincoat can be put on over the back in just a few easy steps and secured with a Velcro fastener. Many four-legged friends find it annoying to put it on over the head, but many dogs can get used to a hood.

Waterproof fabric: A water-repellent textile fabric in combination with rainproof welded seams is another important feature of the dog raincoats. The rain beads off the surface of the material and protects your dog from moisture.

Breathable structure: It is also important that the skin and fur under the coat are ventilated. Otherwise, heat build-up and overheating can occur. To avoid this and to protect your darling, we use a breathable material for our dog raincoats.

Additional features of our high-quality dog ​​raincoats: Some models have a warm lining made of faux fur or fleece to provide even better protection against the cold. Depending on the season, you can remove the lining to transform the raincoat into a light wind and rain protection jacket for your dog.

For better visibility in cloudy rainy weather and at dusk, some models are equipped with bright colors or reflectors.

Cleaning dog raincoats - our tips

Most water-repellent fabrics are best cleaned gently by hand in lukewarm water or using the gentle cycle on your washing machine. Use environmentally friendly, low-odor detergents that you should rinse thoroughly. It is best to avoid using fabric softener and let the garment air dry.

How do you find the perfect raincoat for your dog?

Choose a dog raincoat in our online shop that appeals to you fashionably and perfectly matches the coat color of your beloved four-legged friend.
Pay attention to the fit, lining and other features such as collars, hoods or Velcro fasteners for easier dressing.

Determine the correct size by measuring the dog's neck, back and chest circumference. To measure the chest circumference, place the measuring tape neither too tightly nor too loosely around the chest directly behind the front legs. Have your four-legged friend stand in as relaxed a position as possible.

Leopold's is your expert for high-quality dog ​​accessories

At Leopold's, we have made it our mission to combine functionality with elegant, high-quality design. Your four-legged friend deserves only the best, which is why you will find an exclusive selection of special products tailored specifically to small dogs in our online shop. With our dog raincoats, you can bring home a feel-good accessory for bad weather. This way, even rainy walks become a lovely outing together.

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