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Flying with your dog: start your holiday well prepared

Fliegen mit dem Hund: gut vorbereitet in den Urlaub starten

Planning a flight with your beloved four-legged friend can be a complex and demanding task. There are a number of questions that need to be clarified in advance to avoid stress for both the dog and the owner.

We at Leopold's have done a lot of research into flying with dogs. We regularly travel with Leopold in the aircraft cabin and can pass on some important tips and tricks.

In order to be as well prepared as possible for an upcoming trip, we recommend taking a few important steps before you travel.

These include:

  • checking airline rules and regulations regarding the carriage of dogs in the aircraft cabin,
  • choosing the right equipment,
  • preparing the dog for the upcoming journey.

Legal provisions and airline regulations

These requirements vary between different airlines. In general, the carriage of dogs in the aircraft cabin depends on the type, age, size and weight of the dog and the applicable country regulations. For example, only small dogs that do not exceed a total weight of 8 kg including the flight bag are allowed in the aircraft cabin.

If the dog is taken in the aircraft cabin, it must be registered as hand luggage. It must be kept in a suitable flight bag for the entire flight and should in most cases be placed in the footwell of the seat in front of you.

All requirements and regulations for taking the dog in the aircraft cabin must be checked with the respective airline before departure. This includes in particular the presentation of documents such as vaccination certificates or health certificates.

Choosing the right equipment

Which flight bags are suitable for flying with a dog?

If the dog meets all the airline's requirements to be carried in the aircraft cabin, then the question arises as to the right means of transport for the trip. Which flight bag for dogs meets the airline's requirements and also offers the necessary comfort for both the four-legged friend and its owner.

The following airlines have agreed on a uniform measure of bag size and total weight (weight of the dog + bag weight):

Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Eurowings, Brussels Airlines, SWISS

These airlines require a bag size that must not be exceeded. The flight bag must not be larger than 118 cm and must not exceed the exact dimensions of 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm .

In addition, there are other requirements that the flight bag must meet. These are intended to ensure the protection and safety of the dog and the passengers:

  • Waterproof
  • Firm to the bite
  • Closed but sufficient air circulation
  • The dog must be secured
  • The animal should be able to stand up, turn and lie down

All requirements at a glance:

In addition to the requirements set by the airlines, we have developed our own criteria, which result from years of research and practice.

Leopold's requirements for a flight bag for the dog:

  • Comfort - The flight bag should be comfortable and provide a soft bed for your four-legged friend
  • Air circulation - Sufficient air supply through stable nets
  • Safety - Attaching the dog to the bag
  • Supplies - A foldable travel bowl and a cracker bag for basic supplies on the go
  • Design - highest standards in materials and manufacturing, completion of existing luggage.
  • Functionality - Possibility to attach to the trolley case
  • Practicality - Extra compartment for all important documents, immediately at hand
  • Small pack size - can be stowed away quickly and easily with removable base

Why choose a flight bag from Leopold's ?

We have made it our mission to meet the highest standards of quality, design and functionality with our products. Our main focus is on the needs of dogs and their owners.

When it comes to travelling with a dog, we have taken care to develop a flight bag that, in addition to design, quality and functionality in Leopold's style, also meets the prescribed criteria of the following airlines:

Lufthansa, Austrian, Eurowings, Brussels Airlines, SWISS

The feedback from our customers is constantly incorporated into the new flight bag collection.

Prepare for your flight with your dog and avoid stress

  1. Before you start your journey, get your dog used to the new dog carrier with flight dimensions.
  2. Do not give large meals immediately before the flight.
  3. Book a window seat or even an XXL seat in advance.
  4. Have treats and water ready during the flight.

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