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Holiday with dog by the sea

Urlaub mit Hund am Meer
Do you love the sun, the beach and the sea? With a few helpful tips, you can easily take your four-legged friend with you on holiday and enjoy your holiday with your dog by the sea.

1. Tip: Choose a place that is not too hot

    Dogs cannot regulate their body temperature themselves. They can only lose excess heat by panting or through their paws. Warm temperatures mean drinking more. You should definitely think about a foldable water bowl and enough water for your dog.
    • Holiday with dog on the Baltic Sea:

      There are various dog beaches on the Baltic Sea where you can let your dog run and play without a leash. The most popular dog beaches on the Baltic Sea include the dog beach in the quieter town of Niendorf or even two dog beaches in the popular Baltic Sea resort of Grömitz. Find out in advance which beaches allow dogs and what the rules are for dogs on the beach. This varies from municipality to municipality.

    • Holiday with dog on the North Sea:

      There are also very beautiful and dog-friendly beaches on the North Sea, but dogs must be kept on a leash on most beaches because of the increased safety requirements due to the Wadden Sea. One of the most popular dog beaches is in Dorum-Neufeld. There are also a few dog-friendly areas on the beach in the popular holiday resort of Büsum.

    • Seaside holidays abroad:

      You should find out about the local entry requirements in advance. The regulations can vary from country to country. You can also find out which vaccination regulations apply in each country in the entry regulations.

    2. Tip: Preparation is everything! Create a checklist for your holiday with your dog

    Some people write down the most important things for their vacation before they go on holiday so that they don't forget anything. It's best to write an additional packing list for your dog so that your furry friend doesn't miss anything on vacation. There are a few things, such as a beach blanket or a travel bed , that will ensure your dog has a comfortable place to stay while on vacation. A dog bag is also useful here so that you can carry your four-legged friend when he comes back from a strenuous day at the beach. Toys and treats are also a must for a perfect vacation for your dog. Here you can find a complete checklist for vacations with your dog.

    3. Tip: Outward journey & return journey

    Depending on which means of transport you use for your vacation, you will also need the right means of transport for your dog .

    Travelling by plane

    If you are flying away and travelling by plane, it is important to check with the airlines before the flight. Some airlines allow you to travel with your dog in the aircraft cabin . This requires a means of transporting the dog, such as a flight bag for the dog.

    Travelling with a dog in the car

    You are travelling by car - here too you should make sure you have the right means of transport for your furry friend. There are a few things that need to be taken into account here. Your dog must be secured - you can do this, for example, with a dog transport box , a seat belt for dogs or other bags and baskets, you can ensure the safety of your dog . You can transport your dog either on the back seat or in the footwell of your vehicle, or in the trunk.

    Travelling by ship

    Just like flying, safety is important when traveling by boat with a dog. Here, too, different rules apply for different routes, ferries and ships. Dogs must be kept on a leash during the journey. A dog harness , which gives the dog security, is therefore recommended here. An additional transport box does no harm in this case and can give your four-legged friend additional security.

    4. Tip: Look for dog-friendly accommodation

    There are numerous websites that offer dog-friendly holiday homes, apartments and hotel rooms by the sea. Find out in advance which type of accommodation suits you and your dog.

    5. Tip: Think about toys and enough treats

    Would you like to spend a relaxing day at the beach with your dog? To do this, you should find out in advance which beaches allow dogs . For a day at the beach, you will not only need a beach blanket - a so that you can dry your dog off after playing in the water. To ensure that your four-legged friend doesn't get bored, you should pack toys and a few treats. A travel bowl and a portable drinking bottle should definitely be packed. You should also protect your dog from the sun and heat. You can find a shady spot or pack a beach tent.

    6. Tip: Don’t let your dog out of your sight in the sea!

    Your dog should never go into the sea unsupervised. If the waves are too high or the current is strong, it is best to leave your four-legged friend on land. In addition, not every dog ​​likes the sea. So pay attention to your dog's signals as to whether he wants to go into the water or not. If you want to be a little safer, you can use a life jacket . Life jackets support your dog when swimming and the fun lasts longer. A water leash can provide additional safety, giving you control over your dog in the water.

    7. Tip: Dry your dog thoroughly after water

    After bathing, it is best to shower your dog and dry him with a suitable dog towel, especially in cooler temperatures.

    Attention: If your dog is injured or ill, check beforehand whether he is allowed on the beach or in the water.

    Take the following items with you for your perfect holiday by the sea:

    • Transport bag for your dog
    • travel bed
    • Beach or travel blanket
    • Dog leash
    • Sun and heat protection
    • Dog towel
    • Enough water, food and treats
    • Foldable travel bowl and foldable drinking bottle
    • Poop bags
    • Toys and activities
    • Life jacket
    • Waterline

    With the right planning, nothing will stand in the way of your vacation with your dog by the sea. We wish you a pleasant trip.

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