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Exclusive softshell coats for dachshunds: elegance, functionality and attention to detail

Exklusive Softshellmäntel für Dackel: Eleganz, Funktionalität und Liebe zum Detail

Cold, rain, bad weather: Just as we humans prepare our wardrobes for winter, our little four-legged friends also need special protection. Dachshunds and other short-legged breeds in particular tend to get cold quickly and are sensitive to moisture. The right, functional accessories are therefore a must-have for every dog ​​owner.

At Leopold's, we understand the unique needs of our beloved Dachshunds! That's why our exclusive softshell coats are not only a shield against rain and cold, but also a statement of style and craftsmanship.

Softshell Dachshund

Special features of our softshell coats

  1. High-quality softshell material:

Our coats are made of high-quality softshell material that is not only water-repellent but also offers optimal breathability. This means your little four-legged friend stays as dry and comfortable as possible, even in rainy weather.

  1. Handcraft and individuality:

Quality is our top priority at Leopold's! That's why our softshell coats are made by hand in a German tailor shop. You can feel the outstanding workmanship and attention to detail in every fiber of the coat.

  1. Excellent fit

In addition to excellent quality, our special focus is of course on the excellent fit for dachshunds. The softshell coat can be individually adjusted using the Velcro fastener on the back, so it always fits comfortably.

With an opening for the harness on the back, it is also designed for the comfort and functionality of your little darling.

  1. Stylish design:

With our softshell coat, your dachshund is well protected and at the same time stylishly dressed. In the colors orange, olive/orange, gray, black and red, the little four-legged friend is clearly visible and stylish on every walk.

Softshell coat dog

Focus on ease of care: belly protection is easily replaceable

Not only the appearance, but also the functionality and care of our softshell coats plays a decisive role. The innovative, replaceable belly protection makes cleaning particularly easy.

If only the belly guard is dirty after a walk in the rain and mud, you can remove it and wash it separately. The rest of the coat remains untouched and could be worn again in the meantime with a spare belly guard.

We show you how easy it is to handle and change the abdominal protector in the following video:

Music: Wander

Musician: @IksonMusic

Softshell coats: quality, style and functionality for dachshunds

Leopold's Finest's softshell coats are more than just dog clothes. They are an investment in the well-being and style of your four-legged friend. High-quality materials, careful craftsmanship and thoughtful details make our coats a must-have for dog owners who only want the best for their darling.

Softshell coat dachshund

Photos: @minidachshundgirls

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